Diabetes Signs And Symptoms

Millions of Americans who suffer with diabetes are simply not aware they have the disease. Having said that, many of these people are aware that something is wrong and are in denial of diabetes signs and symptoms. This article will consider the signs, symptoms and denial of diabetes. Thirsty, Dry and Tired One day you noticed it; just seemed to stand out. You felt a bit irritated because you have to urinate, again. Its nothing major, you tell yourself; but you did just make a trip to the washroom and now you have to go again. You tell yourself it must be all the water you’ve been drinking lately. Your mouth has been dry and you noticed your legs have looked dry and chapped. A little moisturizing lotion seemed to do the trick; but no denying that thirst and those frequent washroom trips. You’ve never had a weight problem, but you did notice that you’ve been hungry a lot. Now that you think about it, you’ve eaten more food this month than you ever have. On top of that, tiredness has overtaken you. Never one to be left behind or slower than the others, it has become noticeable that you are a bit sluggish. More articles on diabetes.

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